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Frequently Asked Questions
Pontoon Rentals
Sightseeing Tours & Sunset Cruises
Deer Island Daytime & Sunset Ferry

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Check in @ Point Cadet Marina, DOCK D, Slip #8 (not office).
Directly behind 
Golden Nugget garage. One dock east of Harbor Building with blue roof.

How many people can be on a boat?

Traditional Pontoons are allowed 8 passengers.
Water Slides are allowed 12 passengers.

All humans count--no exceptions per USCG rules.
Dogs welcome! Max number is 3.

The Captain's USCG license allows for 6 passengers max.
All humans count--no exceptions per USCG rules.
Max 3 dogs on tours.
Dogs NOT permitted on ferry trips.

Can we go to Ship or Horn Island?
NOPE--these are small pontoon boats not built for traveling in a true, unpredictable gulf environment. Deer Island and Katrina Reef (conditions permitting) make up the southern boundary.

Can we go north of I-10? How about Orangutang's?
Or Ya Momma's Place?
NOPE--Some of these areas are difficult to navigate or have bridges that are too low for our boats.
How about Da Bayou? Marina Cantina? The Shed?
These restaurants are permitted case by case with local knowledge and high tides.
So where CAN we go? 

The Water Slide Park & Play excursion is a visit to Deer Island only (or other suitable location if necessary due to weather). 

The Deer & Bay Sightseeing excursion may include Deer Island, Biloxi Bay & Back Bay, and Fort Bayou (Ocean Springs).
The Deer Island Ferry is a drop-off/pick-up exclusively for Deer Island. Explore & swim all over the island! The west end beach is the preferred drop-off spot, but the northern dock near the woods may be available tides permitting.
The Deer & Bay Sunset Cruise will explore Biloxi Bay and follow the channel as it sets beyond Deer Island.

During orientation our staff will review where you can travel. These areas include Deer Island, Katrina Reef (conditions permitting), Biloxi Bay and Back Bay, Biloxi and Tchoutacabouffa Rivers, various sandbars and beaches, fishing spots, and restaurants with docks. 

We ask that you remain within the boundaries that we have set. These limits are in place for safety of the boat, passengers, our insurance, and those who would have to assist if you are in distress. Traveling beyond these points will result in the loss of your security deposit, and you become responsible for any financial obligations including but not limited to towing/rescue fees and damages to the boat, party, and other property involved.

These are small pontoon boats not ocean vessels; therefore, traveling into the Mississippi Sound beyond Deer Island is not wise. Wind and sea conditions often quickly become uncomfortable and dangerous.

Our boats are easily handled in the areas that Nauti-Toons has defined. Even with limited local knowledge, if you adhere to the rules, boundaries, and advice of our staff, then you and your crew should have a safe and pleasant adventure.

What if there's bad weather?

Once you leave the dock, there are no refunds if you return early for any reason. If Nauti-Toons or your party cancels due to unfavorable weather/sea conditions, a full refund or reschedule is available prior to leaving the dock.

Savvy boaters assess the risks and consider their skill level and the comfort of their group. In boating there is more to the weather than sunshine or rain. Wind, waves, and thunderstorms can be the most dangerous phenomena on the water. 

Afternoon storms with gusty wind and lightning occur frequently in June, July, and August and can rapidly present several hazards at the same time. A forecast of 50% scattered rain/storms is standard for summer afternoons in Mississippi. If a Small Craft Advisory (or worse) is issued and wind is gusting over 20mph, reservations will be revised.

Can you rescue us in bad weather??


Depends on the the conditions. If strong wind and waves prevent the boat from safely reaching the island, if rain reduces visibility drastically, or if lightning is severe, then you will have to wait out the storm on the island. It may or may not be fun. 

What about dogs?
Dogs are not permitted on the Deer Island Ferry.
Dogs are welcome on private captain trips and rentals. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed on any sections of Deer Island or Harrison County beaches. If you take your dog into these areas, you may receive a ticket, and you will be asked to keep your dog on the boat or sidewalk.

Drinking salt water will make your pup sick in ways that are very unpleasant. Please remember to bring items to keep her/him comfortable especially if boating or the climate here is unfamiliar. Offer your furry pal plenty of freshwater, food, shade, and time to get used to the situation. We encourage you to bring a leash, properly fitted doggie life jacket, and a favorite toy.


Is the water safe?
Mississippi's coastal beaches are OPEN! See MDEQ for more information. Beach advisories can be issued or rescinded any time. Bacteria levels along the beaches are frequently checked.

Can I do a sunset trip or overnight?
Overnights are not available per our insurance. All rentals and the ferry must return to the marina well before sunset. 
Sunset, yes! Book the Deer & Bay Sunset with Captain if you want a 1 hour boat ride. Book the latest Deer Island Ferry if you want to be dropped off on Deer Island for Sunset. 

These trips last 1 hour on the traditional pontoon. Times change as daylight changes. [Biloxi Sunset Table]

Can I hire a captain? What's included?
All captain trips are limited by USCG license to 6 passengers regardless of age. Prices include captain's fee, fuel, and safety equipment. Feel free to bring anything to make your outing enjoyable! Captain trips are available in Spring and Fall and may be booked by phone or online.

What costs am I responsible for?
Base price + 7% sales tax + booking fee are due upon booking.
For rentals, we will also collect a $250 refundable damage deposit on the day of departure. You are also responsible for re-fueling the boat as your last stop before returning for non-captain trips.

Do I need to make a reservation?
It's best to ensure you have a boat/captain on the day you prefer! Nauti-Toons operates by appointment. We can accommodate walk-ups only if our staff happens to be on-site at the time.
We can customize ferry service, rentals, captain trips for special occasions and corporate projects. Feel free to give us a call for your specific needs!

How do I get to the boat?
Times cannot be extended for late departures. Please call/text us if you will be late so we can coordinate other reservations. 
Check in @ Point Cadet Marina, DOCK D, SLIP 8 (one dock east of Harbor Building)--directly behind Golden Nugget garage. Look for Go Topless fishing charter. 

Expect 30 minutes for paperwork and orientation built into your reservation. We will cover charts, maps, hazards, boundaries, swimming and fishing spots, and return process. Our staff will show you the specifics of your boat.

Expect 15 minutes for paperwork and loading. 

Can we pick up people elsewhere?
Per our insurance agreement, your entire party must sign the manifest and liability waiver and depart from Point Cadet Marina--no exceptions. If someone has not completed those documents, then he/she is not allowed to step foot on the boat.
If you will be returning to add passengers later, you will need to arrange that with us as soon as possible. However, we cannot accommodate passenger swaps. That constitutes a separate rental regarding paperwork compliance. 

Who can rent a boat?
Only one person may be the Designated Operator (DO) of the vessel. The experienced operator must be at least 25 years old and present a valid driver's license in his/her state. The driver must be able to operate a boat competently in the given conditions.
Nauti-Toons staff will consider the competence of the DO during orientation and reserves the right to deny rental to anyone who does not exhibit an appropriate level of skill to maintain the safety in the given conditions.

Who can book a captain trip/ferry?

Anyone 21 or older may reserve a captain trip with us, and at least 1 person in your party must be at least 21. Others in your may be of any age.

What about booze?

Alcohol is permitted but neither unsafe/rude behavior nor underage drinking will be tolerated and will result in the termination of your trip without refund. 

What kind of boats do you have?
Traditional pontoon with comfortable seating, USB port, radio/Bluetooth stereo, Bimini, anchor, and swim ladder.

Water slide pontoon with upper deck, water slide, USB port, abundant seating, anchor, and swim ladder. You're encouraged to bring your waterproof speaker!

Our boats do not have GPS, depth finders, wells, or dry storage.

What can we do?
The Mississippi Sound, Biloxi Bay, and Biloxi River offer plenty of water-based activities.

You are welcome to explore, fish, swim, picnic, and play! Deciding to pack your lunch for a picnic or dock at a restaurant will be the toughest decision you have to make all day! You may bring a grill to use on the island.

** Fishing is not allowed on captain trips. We are not licensed as a fishing charter. **

The Deer & Bay Sightseeing is a private, 2-hour excursion exploring the Sound and Bay including Deer Island if conditions permit.

The Deer & Bay Sunset is a 1-hour, private trip that begins roughly 1 hour before Sunset.


The Water Slide Park & Play excursion is a 2-hour, private adventure on Deer Island (or other suitable location if necessary due to weather) to play on the water slide pontoon.


The Deer Island Ferry is a drop-off/pick-up roundtrip to the northwest beach of Deer Island. Fishing gear is allowed only if the party books all 6 seats. Fishing from the boat is not permitted. We are not licensed as a fishing service. No dogs are allowed on the ferry trip. 

What can we NOT do?

The designated operator agrees to remain without any alcohol or drugs.
Towing, tubing, and water skiing are forbidden. 

Bow-riding is extremely dangerous and illegal.
Jumping from or riding on the upper deck of the slide boat is prohibited.
Islands other than Deer & Grasshopper are off-limits.
Using a grill or other cooking device on the boat is not allowed.

Fishing is not allowed. We are not licensed as a fishing charter.
Towing, tubing, and water skiing are forbidden.
Bow-riding is extremely dangerous and illegal.
Jumping from or riding on the upper deck of the slide boat is prohibited.
Barrier islands other than Deer are off-limits.

What do we need to bring with us?
Plenty of water, cooler (glass containers are prohibited on Deer Island and beaches), snacks, towels, weather appropriate clothing, hats, sunglasses, flip flops/water shoes, and phone. A waterproof container is suggested for personal electronics, wallets, and purses. Passengers are welcome to bring their own life jackets if they are marked as USCG Approved.

What do you provide?
We provide a life jacket for each passenger, required emergency gear such as life ring or throwable float, air horn, flares, and fire extinguisher. Each boat also has an anchor, local nautical chart, boat hook/pole, and dock lines that travel with you.

Anyone under 13 years old is required to wear a properly fitted life jacket any time the boat is moving--no exceptions. We have sizes ranging from infant to XXXL that you may borrow for your outing. Passengers are welcome to bring their own life jackets if they are marked as USCG Approved.

Where can we find restaurants or bait shops?
You may dock at Yul's, McElroy's, Wahoo's, & The Blind Tiger in Biloxi. 
Bait and gear can be purchased at
Point Cadet Marina and the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor.

Fishing, sharks, and other critters?
Check out
Mississippi Department of Marine Resources and MDFWP for fishing information. Fishing licenses may be acquired at the tackle shop here in Point Cadet Marina or a local Walmart or Academy Sports.

During the first weekend in June each year, the license requirement is void for fishing in all MS public waters. Each July 4th is Free Saltwater Fishing Day in MS--no license is required that day for fishing south of Interstate 10. Read more here.
No big, scary sharks nearby.
Spot soaring cranes, swooping pelicans, chatty gulls, osprey carrying fish, even migrating geese and monarch butterflies depending upon the time of year. You may spot an alligator lounging in the bayou. Catch minnows dancing and mullet jumping. Along the beaches you'll find so many cool shells and bones, maybe even a horseshoe crab shell. Please don't take away the hermit crabs from their native environments! They will not survive.

During the summer jellyfish are present in the water, and they also wash onto the beach. Scan the water and sand for them. The bigger jellyfish with flowy tentacles have a very painful sting.

Look out for everyone's
favorite. Please do not crowd or chase the dolphins! 

Everywhere you look there will be something interesting whether it's in the water, on the land, or in the sky!
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