> Passenger allowance is non-negotiable. All humans count.

> Entire boating party must depart from Point Cadet Marina.

> Only passengers who sign manifest & waiver are allowed aboard.

> Designated Operator must be at least 25 years old and a competent boater.

> All rentals subject to $250 security deposit, taxes & fees, & fuel consumed.

Rain Cloud

What if there's bad weather?
If the conditions are not suitable, there are no additional charges for cancelling or rescheduling. Your payment will be refunded.  Savvy boaters assess the risks and consider their skill level and the comfort of their group. In boating there is more to the weather than sunshine or rain. Wind, waves, and thunderstorms can be the most dangerous phenomena on the water. Afternoon storms with gusty wind and lightning occur frequently in June, July, and August and can rapidly present several hazards at the same time. A forecast of 50% scattered rain/storms is standard for summer afternoons in Mississippi. If a Small Craft Advisory is issued and wind is gusting at 20mph or higher, rentals will be cancelled.

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